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Monday 21 November 2011

Bags for Objectos Misturados

Bags designed by Benedita Feijó for the brand Objectos Misturados
100% cotton canvas
Production by dapit
Inkjet printing by Cedite.tec

Beach Towel

Beach Towel
Towel_hemp and organic cotton | Borduer_100% hemp
Production by dapit
Inkjet printing by Cedite.tec
Illustration by Benedita Feijó

Friday 18 November 2011

Doutoramento Honoris Causa de Manoel de Oliveira

'A menos de um mês de completar 103 anos, Manoel de Oliveira tornou-se o mais jovem doutor da Universidade Portucalense. Na cerimónia de ontem, o cineasta confessou-se sensibilizado com o título, mas não deixou de tecer críticas ao desinvestimento estatal nas artes.
"Para mim fazer cinema é fácil, Discursos é que não" gracejou Manoel de Oliveira, logo no inicio da intervenção, provocando gargalhadas gerais.'

A dapit teve o afortunado papel de confeccionar as togas usadas por uma grande parte dos docentes da Universidade Portucalense, inclusive a que foi oferecida ao "O Mais jovem Doutor" (como lhe chamou o jornal Jornal de Notícias).

Jornal de Notícias 18.11.2011

Público 18.11.2011

Friday 11 November 2011

Fast Fashion Tour

"Cedite.tec was present at the first edition of London Fast Fashion Tour and happily describes it as a success.

It was great to exhibit in a fair of textile and clothing dedicated at fashion retailers, since it makes a natural selection of the public attending the fair and there isn't the background noise of machinery.

In the first place, almost all the people we spoke to in the fair work with fashion and were eager for new and creative things, such as those our stand offered. Since the fair wasn't hugely publicized, only the really interested (and, mostly, therefore interesting) people knew about it and bothered to go. For this reason, it was easy to make all the right connections instead of letting the opportunity pass while you pay attention to someone who probably is just looking around.
We met people not only from the United Kingdom, but also from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Morocco, Russia, India and Pakistan.

In the second place, the atmosphere was appropriate for business. It was quiet, but not too calm. One could easily be heard without raising the voice and yet other people would come nearer on hearing certain key-words.

One of those key-words was Small quantities. Apparently, many people had long been looking for a manufacturer willing to work with small quantities and high quality standards, in a way that each piece is special. Another key-word was Customizable, since we work with Inkjet printing, which allows the reproducibility of any image, with no color limit, and in almost any fabric.

We hope the fair to continue in the next years, for it proved to be a valuable resource."

Since Cedite.tec and Dapit work side by side, we were present in Cedite's stand at London Fast Fashion Tour.

We arrived to London on Sunday afternoon, alongside the other portuguese exhibitors. That day we checked in in our hotel and headed for Olympia 2, where Fast Fashion Tour took place. It was unpacking day for us, we had to get our stand ready for the next day, which meant lots of ironing and trying on different ways to exhibit the products we took.


Dressing the model

Trying on different  dispositions

The doorknob collection
Monday was the day the fair began and we expected a busy day. After walking to the fair, we arranged the last details in our stand and waited for the visitors arrival. At first, it looked like there wasn't going to be a lot of movement after all, for we were at the further end of the pavilion and very few people walked by. Fortunately, it all changed by the end of the morning.

Detail of the sleeve

Single Jersey pgm T-shirt 100% Cotton with Illustration by Benedita Feijó

100% linen individuals with Illustrations by Benedita Feijó

Bag: Hemp canvas and Leather
T-shirt: Single Jersey pgm 100% Cotton

Collection of items with illustrations by Benedita Feijó

Front: 100% Silk Twill
Back: Single Jersey pgm 100% Cotton
Illustration by Benedita Feijó
First Exhibiting Day!
People started coming in, attracted by the bright colors of the illustrations Benedita Feijó did especially for this fair and the quality of our Inkjet printing. Soon we had our hands full and it was that same way for the rest of the day and the day after. 

Bag, Silk Scarf and Towel with illustrations by Benedita Feijó

Home Textiles made with Cotton Canvas and Hemp Canvas

With one of the organizers

It was lovely meeting you all, from organizers to fashion designers, decorators and other exhibitors!

Saturday 5 November 2011

Pieces we will be exhibiting in London!

Single Jersey pgm Top

Single Jersey pgm (back) and 100% Silk Twill (front) T-shirt 

100% Hemp Bag | Single Jersey pgm T-shirt

Wool and Viscose Scarf

100% Silk Twill Scarf

100% Silk Twill Scarf

100% Hemp Bag | 100% Silk Twill Scarf

Production _ dapit
Illustrations _ Benedita Feijó
Digital Printing _ Cedite.tec
Model _ Ana Carneiro

Friday 28 October 2011


100% linho
Impressão digital_Cedite.tec
Produção fotográfica_Ana Catarina Carneiro 

Wednesday 19 October 2011

London Fast Fashion Tour

Estaremos presentes na nova feira londrina London Fast Fashion Tour, que irá ter lugar nos dias 7 e 8 de Novembro. Se se quer juntar a nós, deixe um comentário no blogger, facebook ou twitter a dizer porque é que a dapit é uma marca diferente, seguido de nome e mail! Será depois contactado por mail para receber uma entrada gratuita.